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Alankylosaurus' SIA Invincibility shield delayed

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Bug Description: Swap in Ability with invincibility shield, shield goes up after opponent attacks

Area is was found in: PvP

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- up against Thoradolosaur, suspected a stun, went from using Tragodistis to swapping in Alankylosaurus for 100% shield
Step 2 - Opponent swaps in Dracoceratops instead of Thor stun.
Step 3 - 100% shield on Alankylosaurus doesn’t go up until after opponent swaps in and does damage.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Once, so far.

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

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That was a SIA rat, right? The SIA of the faster creature goes first, miLady


How fast was the DC? The SI of the faster dino is the one that activates first.


That’s why I had to bench my dear Alankylo… You have to speed boost it to keep up with those damn stupid Thors and rats… And that wastes boosts needed for faster creatures.


This is the first time I’ve encountered a slower rat in this scenario, I suppose.
Thank you, kind @bobbymcfeen and sweet @Arnold!


Is that right?
I thought the speed of Swapped out Dinos was the deciding factor.

No, it’s the swaped in creature that counts. If both swaps to a rat, the faster rat hits first. If Lady’s Alankylo was faster than that rat, the invincibility would have activated first and protect it from the rampage.

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Well, I am confused now. Some says Swap out Dino’s speed matters, some says Swapin Dino’s speed.
I don’t know.

Swap in dino speed matter. For example one player swap in alanky with 121 speed and other player swap in rat with 122 speed then rat will be first to make swap in move i.e. rampage.

I’m still confused on which one goes first. Has it changed recently?

Back when DC had DSR, I swapped in a slower Ankylo, but the shield still came up before the DC’s attack, who was faster. Because of that, they were able to destroy it with DSR and use Rampage straight away to KO my Alankylo.

To this day, Alankylo’s shield always seems to come first in a swap in duel, even when slower.

When both come in same time whichever has faster speed will go first if speed tie, then higher level goes first. If level tie then higher rarity goes first if all the same faster selection of dino goes first

Been this way for a good little bit Cant remember before 1.8 nerf tho.

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It was stated by Ludia from the beginning (patchnotes of the update with first SIA. Was it 1.6?) that speed of the dinos with SIA will determine who goes first if both swap in.

However, it didn’t work like that for a long time, I believe it was based on the type of SIA (almost everything went before DSR) first, then speed. Apparently they’ve fixed it.