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Alanlylocerotops ideas

Please share you concepts on alankylocerotops here

Arts are also welcome
Here’s mine
download - 2021-05-26T230816.872


I’d do: Alankyloceratops: 1000 Attack, 5100 health, 110 Speed, 30% Armor, 5% Crit
Rarity: Unique Class: Resilient
Resilient Strike
Long Invincibility
Precise Impact
Resilient Rampage
Swap In Head Butt(0.5x damage bypass armor, chance to stun)
Resistances: 50% Vulnerable, 100% Speed Decrease, 75% Stun

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Here’s my concept for Alankyloceratops’ moveset. The exposing counter is intended to be reminiscent of Ankylosaurus, who has a vulnerability move (SV) as a basic attack.

alankyloceratops jwa concept


Ngl, when I saw that (and Indotaurus’) concept art, I thought you had made that.