Alanqa escaping before battery runs out


Today I experienced feature/bug where in all three attempts Alanqa escaped before time/battery run out. On second attempt battery was still yellow. I was to late to make a screenshot.

I know that this was bug for some VIP players not long ago. I’m F2P player and saw this only once or twice with other creatures, but always in last second. This time it was way too fast.


Not a bug … just need to dart better … flyers are harder than others …


Alanqa is the only one that managed to escape from me, usually with only 2-3 seconds left. Darting them is an interesting challenge, especially if you get a target on their wings.


Damn those wing targets …


Yes very annoying but yes they are harder to dart managed to get alanqa to just under 15 tho hopefully it will appear more in the future


Definitely not a bug, it’s just a measure put in place to make things more “challenging” for us :joy: I need one more chance at Alanqua, I’m 20 dna away from unlocking that legendary but I’m never going to get to arena 9 for the exclusive dna


You can get alanqa dna from epic strike


I’m not sure if the mechanics of this but i believe it kind of gets stunned with each dart. So you need to chuck away at it to stop it getting a free run at the boundary. It may only get stunned with direct hits though as I said I’m not sure. If it is only with direct hits you need to take your time and ensure that you hit the target I. It’s with any hit then you wanna spam away and toss out as many darts as you can. I’ll let you know when I work it out, although im sure someone will beat me to the info


Yes but not quite enough to be able to fuse for a legendary.


I have had 4 attempts at alanqa so far.
2 of those attempts it has escaped, one of those times i got 56 cells, 3 direct hits at 17 a pop and a 5 that was hail mary when i saw the fence rapidly approaching. My next attempt i recorded and the proximity of the fence to the dino is not far at all.
Really considering cancelling vip because of this fence.


they give you a chance to dart it so you feel like you are getting good stuff for free. but they don’t want you getting too much. usually epics escape in the middle of the darting arena (?)… not even close to the fence where they escape.


The whole escape mechanism negates the purpose of VIP.


@CleverBoy This reminds me of the aspen episode where timeshare is marketing to the parents about a fabulous free lunch. Substitute that filet mignon & lobster for Alanqa. We got a taste. Just like the episode, its all about the money lol.


This was beyond the normal “occasional escape” Every Alanqa I caught flew straight to the wall (gate) and escaped. Some with half battery left, some right before timer ended! I dart pretty well. I was averaging about 100 DNA per even with them escaping. However on my last attempt I got a 67 before it escaped I still had a blue battery. I’m ticked off.


Seems fishy, that we’ll get it to just below hybrid-ing.


This is exactly what happened to me, 5 out of 6 escaped. I was able to dart about 110 - 146 per Alanqua which coupled with the dna from strike towers as well as one incubator put me right at 180/200 to unlock that legendary :joy: Figures that’s how it always happens


Oh boy an epic!


Yeah not a bug but it sure feels like one. Even if you dart well there appears to be some randomness to the turning with some directs not turning and the dino turning after an off target hit. Alanqa was the first time I have ever seen the boundary. I imagine the frustration increases when you’re paying for an even longer battery life.


There is definitely an issue. It feels like the area to dart him is smaller, and flyers turn too slowly. When i dart it, it just turns right left right left, slightly, which means it basically flys straight for the wall. The walls need to be removed from the game. Every single Alanqa has escaped from me before the countdown is done (on vip).