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Alanqa Hybrids (FIXED)

Here are some alanqa hybrids:

Which Alanqa Hybrid Do You Prefere?

Which Alanqa Hybrid Do You Prefere?
  • Alanqa-Eagle
  • Spinokylosaurus

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I vote for the 2nd hybrid.

The first picture looks similar to something I created.

The first one is just a different version of stigidaryx but I like the second one too. I just wish fearless flap was a 1.5x move.

What did you make cheeseeater?

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A friend made the picture, I made the rest. Its this page link

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Wow they are soooo similar! Maybe people just want alankylosaurus and spinosaurus gen 2 to get hybrids :grinning:

I mean, Alankylosaurus has been in the game for a couple years now, and while Spinonyx is nice, it’s mainly a tank buster. So Spino Gen 2 getting another hybrid would be nice.

i vote for anlaqa eagle but…

or just make alangasaurus!

Alanqa’s daughter Alanky deserves a hybrid, she’s been around for so long


I agree with that statement.

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