Alanqa = Indominus repellent

I didn’t just find out, but I decided to make this topic… So if your stuck at arena 6, and you keep getting demoted, then Alanqa is your LIFE SAVER!! Basically if he throws cloak, do long invincibility! Its that easy! :grinning:


(For the other side of this scenario: bail out and swap to the best nullify or shield breaker you have as soon as this happens.)


Lol, that has happened to my enemy countless times… they throw invincibility, and they regret it.

I recently went up against an I.rex and swapped in my Alanqa. I didn’t take damage the whole time. I was smiling like a Cheshire cat at my tactical prowess. :grin:

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its a classic


Main reason why I benched I-rex. Lots of shields and invincibility out there. Weakens him to a kitty cat. And everyone knows his cloak+APR timing too well now. Gimme defense shattering attacks.


Its nice that people realise that every dinosaur has a counter. People say nerf this nerf that! I admit I made a nerf topic, and I know that all dinosaurs can be beat!

The problem is, I don’t think people are in a mind to experiment with their dinos to see which is better against what. If their normal tactic doesn’t work they want the game “fixed” so that it does work rather than finding a new one. I’ve tried to put more tactics into my gameplay because I don’t have the more powerful dinos to choose from. My team are all around the lv 15 mark and I only have the one legendary so I feel the need to use my brain more that my dinos’ claws.


Yup, I recently put Alanqa on my team even though it is only lvl 14, and the only reason I did it was to use it in instances where the opponent has an iRex and uses cloak. It’s actually worked for me, but in general, particularly if the opponent doesn’t have iRex the Alanqa I would consider the worst of the 8 on my team for effectiveness.

But I took the opportunity to experiment and for now it stays on my team.

Yeah… it’s on and off of my team alot, just cant decide if I want it in my final team.

It’s a permanent fixture on mine. Granted I may be a little biased here considering my love of pterosaurs but I’ve found it to be quite useful. I frequently use it against raptors, stegos and other annoyances (Ankylocodon I’m looking at you). I want the pterosaur hybrid badly, 30% armour and invincibility? Yes please.

Ikr? I just cant get my hands on that hybrid yet! Still trying…

I was so tempted to buy that Pterosauria incubator when it was in the store but since it didn’t guarantee a decent amount of Alanqa DNA, I never bothered.

If they’d put an incubator that guaranteed Alanqa like they did with the Pteranodon, I’d buy it in a heartbeat (provided it’s reasonably priced of course :laughing:).

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they should give you a wild card that you can have besides your 8. ill keep an anky on the side just for this. now the only way to swap in your wild card is to permanently replace something on your team. wild card should be decided before you start your match though.

i rarely even see IREX anymore enough to worry about it. if i do it’s a last ditch prayer because my opponent doesn’t have anything left to do except hope their dodge works.

But if u want indominus, the event this week has indominus and indoraptor!

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for Indominus Rex - she’s still formidable beast when your opponent lose all any Nullifiers or Shielders. even her raw power that ignore armor isn’t so much like rexy or Tryko but she has immunity which make all debuff useless.

but yeah, Spooky alanqa and alankylo are Indominus-Counter.

ps. I rarely see those invincible birdies since passed early Jurassic Ruins so it’s safe to use Indominus here. lol

“Tragodistis” Approaches!

Instant swap out!