Alanqa mission

I know most of you will be quite far on in the game, so I’m not sure if you will remember this, but if you do it will be a massive help to me. I’ve restarted this game a couple of times and I remember am Alanqa mission to collect X coins from it. I’m chapter 13 so I think I’m quite near it, but I’m not sure. I have a lv 40 Majungo and a Lv 35 Alanqa with enough food to level it to 40 and make Alanga, but because of the Alanqa mission im not sure it’s a great idea. If anyone has an idea what O should do or when this mission comes please do say below

Unfortunately I do not remember.
You can take a look here

It does not seem to be complete, I could not find the mission you are looking for, but you may assume that it will not appear before the last mission that is listed there.