Alanqa Shield Bug

So i have been using Alanqa for a while now and i have noticed that every single time alanqa swaps in while the enemy team swaps at the same time and if alanqa is faster than the dino that swapped in and uses long invincibilty, the shield seem to stay forever although very clearly im still taking damage and actually have died while the shield is still appearing on my screen. One more thing to point out is, does the swap in invincibility shield swap stack with the long invincibility shield for 2 turns? will that make me invincible for 3 turns if so? because in my case i have swapped in alanqa with the shield still on and the enemy swapped as well but it was slower so i used instant shield, it shielded me for one turn but the next turn i was hit, it seems my long invicibility didnt take effect at all.

Hey Josh_Slays, thank for reporting this issue. There seems to be a problem with the shield not disappearing for Alanqa when it’s supposed to, however, this is likely only visual as damage still goes through normally. Our team is aware of this, and they’re looking into it, also activating another shield when one is active should replace the active one.