Alanqa should be wild


What do you say? It’s unfair that’s Alanqa is an exclusive arena dino, and more is if she just be in the last arena, there i won’t reach in a three months o more!! I say that she should be wild or should be an event where the reward be just some Al’ DNA, I expressed my discontent because I’d love to create Alanky, he is great! And this weekend with the 6 attempts I just reach to level 15 Al (without surplus DNA for Alanky fusion) and some Alanky DNA in Sunday, my fear it’s don’t reach to have Alanky never :joy: :(((

My point it’s for example, exist a minuscule portion of players that they’re in the last arena and can get alanqi dna, so maybe i’d Be great that Al be in the streets in a future…


They already did her event and another one plus the hybrid is coming this week. What more do you want?


Actually, I kind of have to agree with the original sentiment here. Yes, last week and this week’s featured dinos are the new fliers, inc a fairly good amount of Alanqa potential. But, part of the problem atm is how quickly Alanqa is making a break for the escape wall, in a lot of players experiences that I’ve seen on the forums, and really limiting the potential for collecting it while its available right now. Beyond that, the hybrid itself is a pretty good looking hybrid once its leveled up a bit, which will be rather difficult for a large portion of the current player base for a while. Its hard to get excited for a new dino and hybrid that after a couple of weeks will be locked behind a trophy wall to obtain/level up further. Plus, if it does end up being a hybrid used in the current meta in the high end arena matches, its also an artificial handicap. I realize something has to go there, but I think it could have been a better choice as well.


Fortunately, the hybrid is just a flying tragodistis. Now, it looks awesome but unless you want two tragos on your team it’s not a huge deal.


Almost another Tragodist anyways. Some advantages and some disadvantages between it and Tragodist…namely a lot less speed and 10% less armor. But in some ways its even tankier, if you arent going up against a shield buster since you can literally have a shield or invincibility up 100% of the time. If its going up against a tank buster, its definitely a worse option at that point, esp missing the stun Tragodist has. I could potentially see both being on a team, and each of them having a more niche use because of their differences.


So, the players that have advanced farther in the game shouldn’t have any perks for reaching that stage? Work harder and get there if you want the arena exclusive, or get what you can during special events. Everyone can’t have everything just handed to them.


No one ever said or implied that anything should be handed to them in this thread so far. And no one has said or implied that working to get to that stage shouldn’t have some sort of reward. Way to go completely off topic there. Congrats.


Do you even know what “off topic” means?


Apparently better than you do, since you took the topic, went in a completely different direction than what had been discussed, made wild assumptions, and posted something completely irrelevant to the conversation at hand…roflmao. GG though, keep trying.


Alanqa should be maintain exclusive. like Blue. The same reason like why they give Blue dna as tournament prize. If not, there is nothing special if everybody can easily get it.

Not becos they both are good dino, becos they dont. But instead just as a “trophy” dino.


Exactly. That’s not like they rewarded best players with magna DNA. Exclusive dino are fine as long as there aren’t too many of them :sweat_smile:


You’re the one who’s completely derailing the topic. It’s not my fault that you can’t comprehend what’s being said in this thread. The quote I posted literally says what you’re saying you can’t see, so I don’t know how else to explain this to you.


Just because you use quotes doesn’t mean you’re staying on topic. See? I can use quotes too! I’m sorry you’re not understanding what on and off-topic means, but I don’t think I have the patience to explain it to you any further. Thanks for playing!


I personally don’t get the freakin point of have exclusive arena dinosaurs all together, boycotting players who wanna lvl a specific dino. It’s stupid and offers nothing to the game. Just make all damn Dinos available. Work your way up with the arenas unlocking more possible drops for your incubators and bigger DNA. Everyone is happy. End of story


Alanqa will be there in that arena waiting for you guys… just level up and be patient.

Until then, appreciate and strengthen the teams you have now, otherwise you’ll never get there. There are sooo many other good dinos and hybrids you’re overlooking that are well within reach.