Alanqa? Where are you?

I really like and want this legendary hybrid:

I have Plenty of ankylo-DNA! (Just need to level it up). But i can’t find Alanqa… I have heard that it is a incubator only creature, is that true? If it is do i have to wait until a pterosaur event happens?
And finally: if it IS possible to find Alanqa, where should i look? Thnx!:v::sweat_smile::smile:

Alanqa Is the arena 9 esclusive creature.

Wut? What does this comment mean?:scream_cat:

You basically have to reach 5000 trophies to get alanqa

As I have no hope of ever getting there, I’m just waiting till Alanqa appears as part of a dinosaurs of the week event drop.

Theres something in your mail… vote for jwa!
But I dont think alanqa is a spawning dino, I think it’s only contained through incubators

Yes it is a level 9 exclusive. But that just means you get 23 DNA about every 10 Incubators. The key is the special events and Strike towers.

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U can find her at this arena here @Adam_Flodin :-

and with only 23 of her dna in each 8H incubator, she make me cry blood to bring her up this level below. yet, shes still weak in my current arena battling others she need to be buffed

Never reached 5000 but through a combo of weekly events and strike towers managed to get mine to L20 - it drifts in and out of my team. Apparently it could be useful in this weeks Master Strike Event :slight_smile:

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