What happened to Alanqa? Haven’t seen one forever…

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You will not see it … I think it’s one of those creatures that never appear in freedom and only appear in incubators or special events. The same goes for the Irritator, for example.

I do not know the objective of having this type of “not found” creatures and I do not have the complete list (and it would be interesting to have it).


Alanqa is an arena exclusive. You can only get it through incubators from arena 9, Lockwood estates.

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Here ya go!

And the objective is to give you reasons to keep doing battles in the arena, since some of the dinos do make good hybrids (Irritator Gen1, Stygimoloch, Alanqa, Gallimimus). You just won’t get them outside of the arena unless its a special event.

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Thanks Cighal,

The intention is good but the result is the opposite. If I found in the incubators of battle some dinosaurs that I need in my team I would be much more motivated to do battles than finding those exclusive creatures with little use for me because the only one that works for me is the Stigymoloch. Irritator could be useful but it appears so little and so much is needed for Pyrritator that this creature is always at a lower level than my team. Currently Pyrritator at level 17 when the team is on average 21. The only exception in my team is Alankylosauro that is only at level 17 but I prefer it to other dinos in 18, 19 and even 20. The problem is that I was able to achieve it thanks to the events but I will not be able to get more Alanka until I get to Lookwood and a lot of time is needed for that. My team will continue to evolve and finally I have to get the alankylosauro out of it.