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I like the concept but it’s tooo OP!!! + There are already 2 Albertosaurus super-hybrids…

thanks,tell me what I need to change

Flocks with attack counters?, as if flocks aren’t already overpowered!

Lemme edit this thing

Remove PPS and PA change LRAR to Lethal impact, a custom move

Also put ur creations in the custom creatures thread

What about this

I don’t wanna make lethal impact a thing cause LRAR is a goof move cause this thing is meant to be a counter for Annkolys lux

Then change DAF to HAM or SS

Can u remove the counter and on escape

Ham and SS?

Hop and Mock and Side Step

Isnt daf a better move than ham and ss?

Yes but That makes it OP

What about the regular alert frenzy?

Devastation but it increases speed, doesn’t taunt and not precise

Same thing but bypasses armor

(Also when threatened rally heals)

The last thing we want is Alberto getting another hybrid, or worse… becoming another Carnotaurus.


Yea that, worse

Also it’s not really going to counter anky lux if it has to go for alert surge the first turn

True but the bleed and killer instinct should finish it off

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