Albertocevia and Imperatosuchus needs a nerf

Albertocevia and imperatosuchus are some of the most busted creature to be ever created in jwa. I think both creatures are incredibly overpowered (significantly more than pre-nerfed nantem, bear, alux etc) and needs an adjustment as soon as possible.

Especially albert, who is not too hard to create, compared to apexes (especially the fusable apexes). I mean the stats, distracting revenge blow (100% distraction for 4 turns is just horrendous), and the instant ferocious revenge just blows other creatures out of the atmosphere… I know this creature can be killed by swappers or heavy distractors, but they are still not enough to stop this force of destruction (especially nantem got nerfed). And a cherry on top, this boi has a swap on devour strike (WITHOUT a lockdown)!!

Imperatosuchus is also busted. I’ve only see level 27ish ones in gyro or early nublar, but then have absolutely no issue to contest against other level 30 meta (or about to be pre- meta) creature. Imagine this thing goes to lvl 30…

Anyways I believe Ludia should nerf (or rebalance) these two creatures asap; as more and more ppl are starting to getting and levelling these 2 demons up, they definitely could tip the balance of the meta.


Emmm I never said that every dino needs to be nerfed
If a creature is too powerful compared to others, then it should be nerfed…
I mean in your case, we can put lord lythronax as a usable creature, and say “no dino needs a nerf”…

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Don’t mind the “nerf hate”… It’s a fact that sometimes nerfs are necessary for the improvement of balance… Your observations are valid. But… OP creatures are the least of our problems with this game right now…


Imo op creatures (just these 2 in particularly) is still a issue tho, but I agree that this game does have other things that needs to deal with (like the tyrant pass bug, animation bugs and stuffs).

Albertocevia is my 3rd favorite creature and even I think it needs a nerf. The biggest thing that needs changing is its swap in, it should be removed entirely. It’s unnecessary, makes it better than Parasauthops, and adds more power to a creature that doesn’t need it. Albertocevia would still be borderline overpowered even without the swap, but for the sake of stealing one of Para’s PvP niches, the swap in needs to be removed before anything else.


I noticed this while reading your post. As an Albertocevia user I can confirm that the swap in actually does have a lockdown of 2 turns.


Ok I just checked it does mb. I wrote that because it was another pvp and I think I fought someone else and didn’t see the lockdown comin for some reason (I might see it wrong or it might be a bug)

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I think Albert and para should be specialized at different things: Albert can be a very strong powerhouse in terms of 1v1 (without the swap in move), while para focus on surviving while throwing out enough damage to defeat the opponent (in para’s case I think swapping move is less scary than albert since it has a much milder turn 1)

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I don’t know how long you’ve been playing this game, if you’re from the beginning or new, but if you’re one of the old players you’ll know that these 2 creatures are nothing compared to Ardentismaxima when it first came out, or the invincible Indoraptors back then, the invincible Procerathomimus, or the Phorurex before being nerfed, those were problems in their best version, and maybe I forgot some creature, but I did not think that these are the most dominant creatures that have ever appeared in JWA Alive. I don’t know how the crocodile works, because I haven’t seen any in the arena yet, I can’t say how good it is, and Albertocevia, is a good creature, but any cunning dominates it, even the nerfed Phorurex easily defeats it in the Library.


And as other people say now the problem that many people have is not the creatures but other aspects of the game that many people dislike and the constant errors in the game.

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learn to play, not ask for nerf every update, meh

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I’m crossing between gyro and shore atm, and have faced both creatures.
Lower level albert are much easily to deal with as their stats are not up, thus refre and pho can handle it pretty well (i fortunately took out one lvl 27 ? (i think) albert without loosing any creatures health with refre and magnus). But at lvl 30, albert is an absolute monster: the damage and health can demolish a lot of creatures (alux, bear, morty, etc). Though it’s counter is still there, but opponent can just swap the guy to another swappers, and then come back with the swappin devour strike (this guy’s damage is higher than para btw), or of the creature counter’s lvl is low, then albert might even be able it take it out (especially during revenge state) So yes it might have counters but it’s not enough, that’s why I said it needs to be nerfed.

For croc I’ve only faced lvl 27 ones, and I think it has even less counters than albert (I think indot, thylaconyx counters it). If lvl 27 can run smoothly in top arenas, imaging lvl 30 ones…


Have you fought Albertocevia yet? Have you dealt with 3000 swap in damage? Do you think a creature with the second best stat spread in the game, deceleration immunity, rend and DoT resistance, and 6768 priority damage with a 9000 damage rampage next turn, is balanced? This creature is considered High Tyrant for a reason, the same reason it needs a nerf.


People’s eyes are red when seeing nerf thread gosh…

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Agreed. I find it ironic how the a decent amount of people that complain about the game’s powercreep tend to dislike nerf threads. These creatures actually need nerfs, they’re at the very top of the meta and have very few viable counters. Albertocevia’s swap in alone is what’s gonna keep Allodrigues from seeing top team usage.


I mean a lot of people were complaining about nerfing ref… Like these 2 literally dwarfs ref…

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I wouldn’t say they dwarf Ref, as Ref is definitely still extremely powerful, but they’re easily the 2 best creatures in the game.


Might exaggerated a bit on that part, but they are sure starting to tip the balance (and will tipped even further when more and more ppl are starting to get these 2 creatures, especially imperato)

I think for past creatures (before 2.0), maybe mammolania, gemini, and indo gen 2 can match with them. Proceratomimus can catch up too since it’s only an epic.

I think one reason why some people didn’t see the potential of these 2 is because they are still not popular enough yet. Once the time is there, then it’s nerf thread time…


Definitely. I’d personally rather have creatures be nerfed before they become too prevalent, but one, players use a creature’s recent release as an excuse as to why it shouldn’t be nerfed, and two, Ludia themselves would rather wait until the creature does become popular as to maximize profit off of its introduction.

Another thing I’d like to point out is how little counters Albertocevia actually has. In an unboosted scenario (results may differ as Albertocevia spreads tend to use max attack), Refrenantem and Hydra Boa are likely the only creatures that can guaranteed defeat Albertocevia. Ankylos Lux and Imperatosuchus lose 100% to Albertocevia, and so does Phorurex (Cevia can use Distracting Blow T1 against it). Erlikospyx, which is less common endgame, requires mind games and Instant Distraction timing, so the matchup is 50/50. Vasilas stands no chance against it, and Andrewtops requires revenge or DRDR or be available. Parasauthops can’t even outstall the thing.

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Tbh i don’t mind nerf threads

And yes these two need nerfs because they are too overperforming in the meta


Yes, they both need an urgent nerf.
So does Parasauthops.
So did Skoona, for longer than a year now.

It is clear they do not do balancing in this game, unlike any other games in the market…