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Albertosaurus already available?

I used a 3-hr scent today and this was the first thing to show up! I didn’t think they were supposed to be available until July 1? Is this a mistake?

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No it’s not a mistake it starts June 28


Oh boy. If a rare, non hybrid tourney comes first in the next monthly season, these forums will be absolute chaos, and justifiably so.


It is a wild/scent spawn for this week and there is an incubator on Thursday

Which local does it spawn in?

none. its everywhere this week only.

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Can’t wait for one! I’ll have popcorn with me and look at people expressing their anger!

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Yo I already darted this thing, and I love the coloring! The muzzle looks all bloody and I’m all for it!
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_imp:

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Rare scent on a walk got me 3 and I saw another.