Albertospinos raid strategies


There’s a new unique boss incoming Wednesdays this week, finally replacing the old Indoraptor boss.
I’d love to know what kind of strategies are you going to try.
It’s a fierce class bleeder and a shieldbreaker, so one possible approach will include a cunning one for distractions, healer, perhaps a slow healer to clean up the DoTs, and a damage dealer or two?

Update: A friend sent me these ones and said they work well.
Note the speed order - the snake needs to be no. 2 for this strat to work.


nooo i want the indoraptor boss

Going to try old stygirix strats first

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yeha after doign that a few times its really hit and miss tried it withat tema overspecced but still lost twice so no gaurantees…so far its andrew 2.0


this worked better based on this

ditched FU

Dragon’s Bite sounds epic


These levels work for your 1st strategy.

Thor 25
Troodoboa 22
Parasauthops 21
Tuoramoloch 25

yep tested it with a lvl 22 thor and 23 parra and worked fine

(The Thoradolosaur, tuoramoloch, troodoboa, and Parasauthops strat)

Parath and troodo don’t even need to be leveled up or boosted, and Thor was able to take it down with just 2083 damage

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good to hear thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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Safe strat with failure condition for turn 1.

Safer strat… debuffs t3 cause, why give that up when Tuora can cover the heal.

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