Albertospinos seems to be nice, but

I feel your skills could be better, but depending on its stats and resistances it can be a real monster.

I decided to make an alternative version that is 100% viable counter against Testa 1v1. (Please remember this is just an alternate version and the actual stats and resistances have not been revealed yet)

Using Fierce Strike, Defense Shattering Wound, and KI in that exact order, no matter what Testa tries to do, it will die before its Devastation becomes available.

Anyway I will unlock Albertospinos and I intend to use it on my team just for fun regardless of their resistances and stats. I’m really looking forward to seeing your design too.

What do you guys think of Albertospinos so far? Thanks for reading!

I personally think it looks very strong, since the first attack inflicts 20% DOT and doesn’t have a cool-down. Plus a swap in DOT, so you can stack both the DOTs by swapping in then doing the first attack.

If you are going to do this, you should ideally do it with the right move set. Also, do you really want the new Dinos to beat the already OP (don’t quote me on this) dinosaurs? That would mean that every dino introduced after is better than the best dino, which is a horrible system.

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Sadly that seems to be the case from Ludia’s end. The apex Dino’s are borderline useless compared to the newer uniques

Basic attack also worries me. Could have a lower lingering damage percentage or have a cooldown.

I’ve made an alternate version of which offers a more appropriate skill set. I don’t like that basic move with no cooldown.

I’m not in favor of Ludia creating strong creatures to fight other extremely strong creatures. As I said in the thread this is just an alternative version of Albertospinos that I would like to see implemented. Of course, we still don’t know its resistances and knowing Ludia, this creature will probably have a lot of immunities and very high damage.

Edit: From the few tests I’ve done so far, my version loses to Cunnings like Dilora. The damage is really high and it ended up becoming a problem. Now I really believe in the possibility of Ludia making Albertospinos have high damage even with bleeding and KI which would make him very problematic.

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Albert SERIOUSLY needs a buff. Only basic move on turn 1 is RIDICULOUS for a Unique in this meta… I already regret spending coins on it. Hope it gets better in the future.

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