Are you sure that Albert’s new boss dodge is working correctly?

It is written that he should dodge with a 100% chance of 67% damage, but in the end he dodges with a 100% chance of 100% damage!

Added later: Talking about a skill called “Evasive group wounding impact”.


I think it’s the same thing with anything that has armor take megalotops it has 10% armor but when I did the counter damage trial Stygimoloch did a shielded strike and it did no damage i think it’s because it didn’t went trough the armor at all and it’s the same with doge.

Or I could be rong idk

Talking about a skill called “Evasive group wounding impact”

just going too ask did u do any damage to it when it had doge?. it might have dogged the attack completely

The Alberospinos boss is doding all damage on evasive group wounding impact not 67%
Is it meant to?

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All damage? if all damage I think it’s a glitch
Or it could be that the Albertospinos has really good RNG :joy:

yep i agree the dodge is wrong hence why i do the snake :stuck_out_tongue:

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The first move of round 2 and round 3 is bugged. It is not in line with the description as it dodged 100% of damages 100% of the time. Can you please relay this information to the devs. @Ned


Ok now I understand

yep they are right we hit it with thors and parras and grenades and sticks and nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Can ludia release something that doesn’t have bugs and glitches day one of it’s release
Because of this bug me and a few others wasted our time trying to do the raid

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This strategy works 100% of time. It does go longer than intended however. It took 8 turns instead of 7. I did six of these raids last night, won every time. Your win chance is based upon the strategy you use not the glitch.

Also the glitch doesn’t affect much because what’s the difference between doing 25% damage or 0% damage on the boss anyway. Or at leased, that’s my thoughts.

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I’ve brought this up with our team. Thank you, everyone!


I mean that if it was fixed the strat that i used would have worked and i couldn’t do the ones that were good.
But if i get poukan i’ll do that strat

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Please fill in the following fields!

Bug Description: Evasive Group Wounding Impact is dodging 100% of damage instead of 66.7.

Area is was found in: Albertospinos Raid

How often does it happen: As we experienced, every time.

What type of device are you using:

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

The move description states thar it has 100% chance to dodge 66.7 of damage, but it’s acting as it has 100% chance to dodge 100% of damage, so either it’s worded wrongly, or it’s bugged.

It seems that Ludia did things wrong again, the raid is completely wrong, he attacks who he shouldn’t and also dodges everything at a literal 100%, no attack affects him when he says he should only dodge 66% damage

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Can confirm, the big Devastation attack is supposed to target the biggest HP due to description, but it targets the lowest HP instead! (no taunts involved)

Also i didn’t see my para was underlevelled so that’s why we lost