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Albino Dinosaur

What do you think of my newest creation?

The Albino flyer mwahahahaha


I think it is beautiful… It’s also Albino in AR functions. Atleast for me… the team is aware already.

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Honestly, she could stay like this. Imagine how cool it would be to paint our dinos

What is that device being used as a lollipop holder?

It’s the NES R.O.B, I have had him since I was a kid and brought him to work to liven up my desk… and to hold a lollipop or two.


Well… There are some bugs i foun since I updated jwa. Here are some of them:

There is no sounds when i swap dinosaurs with passive skill
Indominus rex gen2 has different sounds
That’s it for now!

That’s awesome :slight_smile: Never heard of it before!

Yes, skins and pigmentation please!

I have a ghost…

Just stop, man. It as bad as the missing texture on Garry’s Mod. Any 3d model without textures is just an awful eye sore. I hope this is resolved by the start of next week. Sorry, but I like my dinosaurs with textures on them.