"Alert Surge" ability doesn't perform Precise Attack

Bug Description: Tarbognathus ability Alert Surge is suppose to do Precise Attack on secure state, but it doesn’t.

Area is was found in: Battle

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Use Alert Surge on a creature with active dodge effect
Step 2 - Check whether Precision happens or not.

How often does it happen: Permanent (Always happening)

What type of device are you using: Android Operating System. (Galaxy Group)

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
Ability description:

Screenshot from in-game Battle:

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Looks like your tarbo was fully distracted as there is a full dodge, which is impossible. If you weren’t going to do damage, it would just say “dodge”

Also precise only happens when in threatened state.

It’s only precise in threatened

it was fully distracted yes, the first screenshot I took was a CRIT, and when a crit happen, it doesn’t show the “dodge” part, so I took a second screenshot when I got fully distracted.

Then that explains it, if you can’t do any damage it just says “dodge”

That’s irrelevant to my bug report. because if Precise Attack happen, it would say “0 Precision”. The dodge happen either ways whether I’m fully distracted or not. And the ability is not functioning as described


@Altithorax_Perotorum & @MattPlays you are wrong, it doesn’t do precise attack neither in threatened nor in secure mode

Regardless you’re still doing no damage dude

It showed twice a dodge with damage, but I was too late or too early to take the screenshot, that’s still irrelevant because if it is precise attack, it would say “0 Precision” not “dodge”

Not it you’re doing absolutely 0 damage.

Are you satisfied now? You made me waste more minutes testing this.


Well I mean you’re the one reporting the bug with images that don’t prove what you’re saying, but yes now I am satisfied

It does prove it, and I pointed out why. If there is precision, and still distracted, it would say “0 Precision”, not “dodge”. This is the third time I say it.

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Regardless of what it says you weren’t doing any damage so it didn’t matter originally.