"Alert Surge" ability doesn't perform Precise Attack

Looks like your tarbo was fully distracted as there is a full dodge, which is impossible. If you weren’t going to do damage, it would just say “dodge”

Also precise only happens when in threatened state.

It’s only precise in threatened

it was fully distracted yes, the first screenshot I took was a CRIT, and when a crit happen, it doesn’t show the “dodge” part, so I took a second screenshot when I got fully distracted.

Then that explains it, if you can’t do any damage it just says “dodge”

That’s irrelevant to my bug report. because if Precise Attack happen, it would say “0 Precision”. The dodge happen either ways whether I’m fully distracted or not. And the ability is not functioning as described


@Altithorax_Perotorum & @MattPlays you are wrong, it doesn’t do precise attack neither in threatened nor in secure mode

Regardless you’re still doing no damage dude

It showed twice a dodge with damage, but I was too late or too early to take the screenshot, that’s still irrelevant because if it is precise attack, it would say “0 Precision” not “dodge”

Not it you’re doing absolutely 0 damage.

Are you satisfied now? You made me waste more minutes testing this.


Well I mean you’re the one reporting the bug with images that don’t prove what you’re saying, but yes now I am satisfied

It does prove it, and I pointed out why. If there is precision, and still distracted, it would say “0 Precision”, not “dodge”. This is the third time I say it.

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Regardless of what it says you weren’t doing any damage so it didn’t matter originally.

It’s been 3 months and this ability has not been fixed. Newer dinos are getting their abilities resolved within a week (e.g. Diloracheirus).

Currently the ability gives 100% critical on Secure instead of precise. The icon shows a crit buff, so maybe the crit is intentional, but the description does not mention critical at all.

If I had to guess, precise attack was probably intended only on threatened state to go along with Dodge (to avoid long mirror matches), but it’s not precise when threatened either.

Whatever this ability is supposed to do, developers need to pick one and finally fix the ability and its description.

Note that this happens on both Tarbognathus and it’s component, Compsognathus. I’m willing to bet that this also happens on the newest dino Compsoraptor, but I don’t have it unlocked.


Support Team, when will we get an answer on this? it has been 3 months already!
@Ned @John @Skyler @S.K

Hey @MXPower, I wasn’t even tagged?! Hurt.

We will poke the team and see if we have an update on this.

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@Breona sorry haha I searched the Support team users in forum and there were only 5, one of them was Ami but couldn’t tag them.

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Hey @MXPower, There’s no further information on this at this time as the team is still investigating the issue.

@Breona here is what I know, if it helps.

Compsognathus Gen2 had an ability called “Courageous Alert” in which it could do a 100% chance Crit on instant strike as a secure state, and dodge on threatened. Tarbognathus was suppose to have a better version of the “Courageous Alert” ability that is called “Alert Surge”, same mechanic as Courageous Alert, but instead of guaranteed Crit, it bypass dodge & cloak by precision (on paper at least), but this was never implemented correctly and on the secure state, it is just regular instant strike.

on addition to that, Compsognathus Gen2 ability name has changed Compsoganthus Gen 2 ability changed unannounced and what happened next was Tarbognathus having Courageous Alert ability instead of Alert Surge but still keeping its name and description.

Both Compsognathus Gen2 and Tarbognathus & even Compsoraptor has the “Courageous Alert” ability in performance but still named “Alert Surge” and not perform as the description says.

The correct thing is:

  • Only Compsognathus Gen2 should have the Courageous alert ability, but the ability needs to have its name changed. (From Alert Surge to Courageous Alert)
  • Tarbognathus & Compsoraptor have the correct ability name and description but they are doing Crit instead of precise attack on secure state, that needs to be fixed.