"Alert Surge" ability doesn't perform Precise Attack

@Breona here is what I know, if it helps.

Compsognathus Gen2 had an ability called “Courageous Alert” in which it could do a 100% chance Crit on instant strike as a secure state, and dodge on threatened. Tarbognathus was suppose to have a better version of the “Courageous Alert” ability that is called “Alert Surge”, same mechanic as Courageous Alert, but instead of guaranteed Crit, it bypass dodge & cloak by precision (on paper at least), but this was never implemented correctly and on the secure state, it is just regular instant strike.

on addition to that, Compsognathus Gen2 ability name has changed Compsoganthus Gen 2 ability changed unannounced and what happened next was Tarbognathus having Courageous Alert ability instead of Alert Surge but still keeping its name and description.

Both Compsognathus Gen2 and Tarbognathus & even Compsoraptor has the “Courageous Alert” ability in performance but still named “Alert Surge” and not perform as the description says.

The correct thing is:

  • Only Compsognathus Gen2 should have the Courageous alert ability, but the ability needs to have its name changed. (From Alert Surge to Courageous Alert)
  • Tarbognathus & Compsoraptor have the correct ability name and description but they are doing Crit instead of precise attack on secure state, that needs to be fixed.