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Unlocked compy g2 earlier today and used it for strikes, as well as some early campaign battles for a trial run and such. I noticed that the ability ‘courageous alert’ doesn’t proc the affects it’s supposed to (crit when safe, dodge when threatened). Obviously this is an issue, and I was wondering if any of the other alert abilities from other flock dinos had the same issue, as compy g2 is all I have in regards to the flocks.

Bug: described above

Area of discovery: 3 step fast epic strike tower (red difficulty) for Tuesday; also tried in campaign and still occurs

Frequency: every time courageous alert is used

Device: IPhone 11

(Sorry, new to the bug reporting thingy)

Hey there, Freezehydra. Thanks for reporting this to us! Our team is investigating certain Flock features at the moment.


Ok, that’s a relief to know, so thank you