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Alfa Chest disappeared

Hi guys,
I feel very frustrated today, it takes us like a full week or more to get to fill the Alfa Chest.

Finally today I managed to get enough to open it so I gave it to my kid to check which new dragon we will get an he clicked the chest without any luck, no message, no error, nothing, just a sound as if you were clicking and the button’s animation.
We closed the app and opened it again and to our surprise everything was gone. The chest count back to zero, and nothing new in the inventory.

My kid really likes this game, but he felt quite disappointed with this outcome.

Please try to fix the alpha battles and this chest issue as well soon, as for us, this is the core of the game.


Welcome to the forums, @EduStormCrow. I’m sorry that this happened! Our support team would be glad to take a closer look at this. If you haven’t yet, please send them an email at with your kid’s support key included in the message. Thank you!

Hi Ronald,
Thanks for the quick reply on this. I have sent the email as requested. Is good to at least been heard, I appreciate it.


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