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Algorithm for trophies won/lost seems off

Idk if it’s just me but since the patch released the algorithm for trophies gained/lost seems off. It’s a range from from 20-40. 40 lost would be against a much lesser powered opponent while 20 lost would be a much stronger opponent.

I usually check my opponents dinos after the match to see how their 8 stack up level wise. I know I can’t see boosts but from the battle you can get a general idea.

It seems I’m constantly losing 35-40 to teams that are much stronger than mine lately.

Here’s my last battle:
My opponents team

My team:

I lost 40 trophies. My current trophy level is 5293.

The match before I lost 38 trophies and the oppenent had 5/8 dinos level 30, with again a higher trophy count.

Again Idk maybe it’s me but it seems to be a much higher loss rate even if the opponent is better than you since the patch


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