Alice/Eve's Ending Theory [SPOILERS]

I feel that Alice/Eve’s story will end with her and the MC getting engaged.
Here’s my thinking behind it. Last year when Alice/Eve told the MC she was once married, I felt that this foreshadowed something, but after completing a convo with her after reaching :heart: status, I’m even more confident that this is how her story will end.

In this convo, Alice/Eve tells the MC how she was invited on tour with a band to be their backing singer and how she and the lead singer developed a strong relationship, but when the lead singer proposed, Alice/Eve said no.

I might be overthinking this, but why bring something like this up again if it’s not foreshadowing something? So if Alice/Eve were to propose to the MC (or vice versa), this would be her third attempt at marriage, and as the sayings go, Three Is A Magic Number & Third Time’s a Charm.

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All I read was about wineries, vines, China and tattoos

You need to reach heart status on the Relationship Bar before you unlock this convo.

Ugh I have heart eyes emoji only with her and she’s greyed out for now