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Alice/Eve's pause

I was surprised by the twist and I can’t wait for her conclusion

Let us hope Ludia doesn’t fall back into bad habits, so we don’t have to wait another six months! :laughing: :worried:

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Who knows they still have to bring back William, Daniel, Jasmin, Angel, Samantha, Grace, Sheng, Stefan, Eveline. Finish the stories for Damien, Jonathan, Skylar, Seth and that’s not including several unreleased characters

It almost feels like they need to release content daily


While I’d love to see them return soon rather than later if they don’t return for a few months, if Ludia keeps up the good work and continues to update the game the way they are, it wouldn’t be as bad as before because at least I’ll have matches to talk to. :+1:

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There’s gotta be someone coming back soon as I think they are building up to a pause with Sage/Vitoria soon

The ai gals are okay at best


I get the feeling they’re about to pause Sage/Vitoria’s story too. So while I have my favourites being matched with all but one of the female characters, I’m excited to see who they bring back next.
The AI girls are the only ladies I’m not matched with, I tried to get into the story, but I couldn’t

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Could be one of the older characters or Susan/Felicia either i’d be happy

If its 3 chapters until pause then marco/hugo, and Franz/ingrid will be paused after their next release. (They are amazing and my new favs! I will miss them dearly)

We should have two new characters this week. And two more new ones after next. Im pretty sure vitoria/sage are on pause. I could be wrong. Some characters get more chapters before pause. Eve/alice got a ton.

Lucky I’m one of the ones screwed out of matching with them because of a stupid glitch

I’m really hoping for Austin/Damien or Albert/Jonathan. Those two (Austin and Albert in my case) really grabbed my heart. Miss them so much!

My guess it’ll be someone like Sheng/Tomas or Stefan/Oliver for the guys and maybe Angel/Emmalyn or Kayla/Jasmin for the ladies


I reckon it’s too soon to bring back Susan or Felicia. I guess they’re going to rotate through all the characters first.

Im hoping for more weird centaur love!

I really wish Daniel would return him and Jasmin

I really want Evelyn to return. I need to know what’s going on with her and her stalker. :worried:
Then I saw a picture of Sally on a FB group, and I thought she looks like she could be a relative of Clementine, and now I want my flame-haired queen to return. :fire:

It’s more of the AI ladies so they will bring back someone the next two days

I just matched with Nina and Julia, and from what I read, Nina is Antoine/Noah’s counterpart, and Julia is Jamie/Seth’s counterpart

Also, there two new characters Elizabeth Baker who’s Nicholas Adley’s counterpart and
Emerson Grey whos Sage/Vitoria’s counterpart

Ugh I wanted to match with them and now I cant because I already have Noah and Seth