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Is alive?? :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

I must admit I cracked up at the option to ask her what she forgot this time :rofl:

210/180 gem choices tho. Sigh. Better than 330 I guess? Maybe? Okay. Not really.


When I saw Eve was online, I couldn’t believe it, and some of those options mirrored how I felt IRL. :heart:

Hopefully, she stays around for a while, and when she does eventually go offline again, hopefully, she isn’t gone for nearly seven months. :pray:

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I think I just chatted with Alice Martin. I’m assuming it was all a vivid dream and I’ll wake up soon.


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I’m glad they gave us some chat options to scold her for being a flake. But liked how that conversation went, she opened up we and got to both give her some gentle home truths but also give her support.

I’m low key feeling deja vu, because I realised a while back that I did an Alice to my last girlfriend, except we never got back together.

Those premium option prices ARE taking the Micky though.

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When her first message in months is about the mc(me) leaving mid conversation Uh really nuh uh

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Yeah, but that happens with every character. Like you, I would like them to acknowledge the wait, but that wouldn’t make sense to new readers would it?

But maybe, at the very least “OMG where have you been?!!”

But let’s just celebrate that we have one of our favourite girls back, eh?

It’s a small victory I guess seeing she’s the first female character content since Dahlia/Rose I think back in Feb/Jan