Alive's 2022 Progress!

This thread will be focused on my progress in Alive this year.

I have some projects currently ongoing. They are:

    1. Dracoceratops. Progress is ongoing, with Dracorex at 14 and Triceratops Gen 2 at 12.
    1. Spinotasuchus ( possible )
    1. Carbotoceratops ( currently on hold )
    1. Levelling up any random hybrid I have enough DNA of.

Any other projects I can work on ?


I mean, just go for whatever you can work on, go at your own pace and you’ll get what you want sooner or later.
Do you have a dream team? If so, you can start working on one of those guys


My dream team:

Just a nice balanced team with all classes


Currently working on Megalogaia, 50 more DNA to go.

Then Spinatosuchus and Gorgosuchus.


With me finding Megalogaia quite lame now, I’m not too sure what resilient should I place on my team.
As of currently Sonorasaurus is in but might replace him with Antarcto.

Also I got Sinosaur to 15 quite recently so its only to work on Dakota now for Sinokaraptor.

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My JWA team has been doing really well. Been focusing a lot on this game, practically enjoying it now.

Reached Nublar Jungle, completed a super hard strike tower which was my first advanced strike tower win, got Ankylodicurus, and the best news: got my first fuse for a legendary, Coelhaast ( not Sinokotaraptor ).

I want to say a huge thank you to @RaptorJay06 and the alliance for this progress. Without DNA donations, I don’t know where I would have gotten without you guys. I do use sanctuaries as well but I can’t put everything in sanc yet, like Haast Eagle. You guys have helped a lot in my progress. Thanks Apex Instinct !!

Also planning to work for antelope bear. Arctodus is at lv 13 and deer is 12 or 11.

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You can ask someone from your alliance to place a creature for you.

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Haven’t really thought of that yet tbh, may consider that but will still use Epic Sunday for the time being.

I’ll ask my alliance bout it though.

Lol we’re in different forests I’m in the marshes ur in nublar

(I just need to win 1 more battle so I can be in the marshes so technically I’m there I can’t do one more battle because I have a time Limit)

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No problem man! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us.

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Small progress update:

Been fusing for Coelhaast, currently on 3 fuses. First and second was a 10, while the 3rd which was quite recently, was a 30. I actually noticed I had 73 Coelhaast from darting so its a great head start. Currently on 123 DNA I believe. Been also fusing and evolving when needed, and got to level 12 too.
Sorry JWTG but I’m focusing on Alive more for the time being :joy:

Thank you to the alliance for putting up with my Haast Eagle shenanigans. I’m restricted to Haast Eagle from sanc sooo…

You can get it from the battle incubators now you know. Also happy to help with the Eagle, I got plenty.

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You mean Nublar Jungles ?

Thank youuu!!!

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So I finally made my first legendary. last week I got 107 Haast Eagle DNA ( no idea where I got that from ) and proceeded to make Coelhaast with a 60 fuse and a 20 fuse.

Have no idea where I got this much of Haast from. I wonder if I got 107 from alliance :thinking:

Next up I have no idea what to work on :joy: either Sinokota, Ankylomoloch, Grylenken, what should I work on ???

Def go for anyklomoloch.

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I’m not too sure about that. Idk might go for Sinokota

Ankylomoloch 100% it’s an awesome resilient

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Sinokota seems pretty good. I dont have it but when i look at its stats they seem pretty solid.

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Hello guys !

So here’s the current progress so far:

As of now, I’m still currently working on Sinokotaraptor, but I’m also working on Dracoceratops, in which I got my first fuse for him Sunday. A 20, plus another 10 from campaign = 30 DNA for him now.

Ankylomoloch and Arctalces will be also worked on :smile:



10 char

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