All 3 passives

So as of 2.9 testa was the only creature in the game with all 3 passives. Swap in, counter, and on escape. As of 2.10 however swap in heal got removed but ludia presented us with another creature with all 3 passives in meglotopd. Stunning alert, armor piercing counter(have no idea where it got it from, could be the armor piercing affects of SiS fron nasuto) and the camouflage on escape for the on escape passive,

Only made this to let people know who did not catch this. Only noticed it in the tournament this weekend.


Oh I found Megalotops to be very useful as a starter and does as well as the Scorpius’s against Thors and Indominus Rex’s along with others.

Right now Megalotops is a staple for keeping me up in Avairy. It’s just a tad better than Eremoceros, the legendary. Megalotops is Unique-worthy. If Magalotops ends up a component of a legendary or unique, that creature may be quite the beasts.

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