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All AC drops removed at once?

Not sure if this affects otherwhere too, but when fighting the Black dragon, it seems that if the dragon clears one AC reduction effect, it drops all reductions of similar type. I’ve often moved with Saarvin to give extended AC reduction to the dragon when it’s subject to Increased Miss -effect, but when the dragon next turn removes the earlier condition, it suddenly takes a lot less damage, even if the new condition should last two more turns. I think it affects other targets too, but it’s some time since other bosses have lasted long enough for me to notice :slight_smile:

As a sidenote, there’s still some 11 levels higher spiders in the Fens, which needs specific equipment are is either very slow to kill, or needs a very specific combo – not sure if this is for purpose, I think a spider 6-7 levels higher is already very hard to fight.

The AC drops are percentage reductions. so they don’t stack well. Especially since Saarvin’s pants nearly cap at effectiveness with one shot. The thing to remember is the values are calculated at time of casting, and don’t change when other effects expire. The same reason that AC and attack buffs stack so well makes AC and Attack debuffs stack badly.
Example: Say the Dragon has 1000 AC, Saar’s AC drop takes it down 75% to 250 AC (-750). A second application lowers it to 63 (-187) When the first one expires, the remaining AC reduction is only 187, leaving the dragon with 813 AC.
Say you had 1000 Attack, you’ll do max damage against a 250 AC target (3x base damage) but only an extra 23% damage to a 813 AC target. So there’s not much reason to apply AC debuffs if you already have one in place.

And they’ve said the killer spiders are intentionally leveled. I just avoid spider rooms when I do that challenge.

What, has this been changed? I thought the abilities don’t stack, I could have sworn I read this somewhere, and have been set on this mindset… But this explains a lot – thanks for clearing that out Chuck! I’ll have to reconsider some items I’ve filed in the junk folder… Again :smiley:

Too bad that prepping to kill superspiders would make overall performance in the challenge much lower. But I fear those new wights even more, so I prefer taking my chances with a spider room rather than undead room. If they surprise my Tommus, and suddenly they have AC+, Block, Taunt and Counterstrike, and steal buffs from any others daring to attack them :stuck_out_tongue:

They stack, but since the benefit caps at triple damage (if your attack is three times their AC) in most cases one application of the 75% puts you at the cap already. The spiders are sort of the opposite of course. Their AC is so high that one application of a 75% debuff still leaves them still above the upper cap of half damage ( AC more than double your attack).