All Apex Team for Fun

Let the fun begin.

I will see where an unboosted Apex team puts me in the pecking order over the next days.

I started at 4599 trophys which is 99 trophy’s into Avairy and won my first battle and only used Hydra Boa to 3-0 a team just by luck of my opponents bad draw… I think. They just didn’t have the counters.


Avairy is a crunch zone with team levels averaging from 20 to 29 so every win puts me up against that much harder teams very rapidly. Every 50 trophy’s I go up is going to put me up against a team at least one level on average higher. If I want to just guess where I might end up with a level 26 unboosted Apex team, I will guess around 4750-4800 which isn’t much higher than where I’m at. We’ll see.


My guess as to where I would get with an unboosted level 26 Apex team was pretty much right. I got to 4751 and hit a wall.

I won 6 games in a row but I could tell after every game, my opponents were getting that much tougher. I finally met my match and lost, and then won again. Had to fill that incubator slot. It wasn’t till this last game where I ran into a team with a couple Apex’s.

Getting to the 4750 mark, this team is getting me an extra 750 season reward bears for 5250.

I may play this team a few more times before changing to some other fun teams themed around each of these Apex creatures. I did a snake team with Hydra. I’ll see what I can put together with the others. It will drop me back down in trophy’s but that’s OK.

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