All apexes vs apex boss such as mortem or hadros

So heres the thing with this kind of battle apexes wouldn’t win because hadros lux won’t heal them it only heals itself with isn’t usefull at all in that type on battle.And i would like to see how far they get to beating it because I know for a fact that they can’t beat the whole mortem boss without dying because of no heal let me know how far do you think they will get. (IMO) i think they won’t get to round 2.

Yeah a full team of apex wouldn’t work, unless they Make some sort of apex group healer.

yep that’s true

Theoretically, its possible, albeit they’ll need some hefty boosts to do it. Magnus GA’s, Trebax goes CI, Mortem R, Lux Rampage. After that it’s distraction spams and heavy damage (Lux will heal the rampage, Gorgo should take it thanks to dodge). I think 6 turns should do it

Well yeah that could work because motem does alot of damage with just the roar so yeah i think that could work if they don’t know that is.

That isn’t true. But it only heals one at a time.

Oh well my bad but that still doesn’t help them out because they all need to be healed at once.

speedup, group instant distraction, roar, rampage(the starter moves)

But the starters moves yes it works it’s just the healer (Hadros lux) he only heals one before the rest die.

To beat a raid, not all need to survive

True the best case for that is gorgo dies then mortem does something like a rampage to knock down the hp of the boss.If i were to guess cera would die next.But mortem needs to survive untill the end because he has all the damage to kill the boss so hes most needed.

I will do it once Gorgotrebax is unlocked

Alright Have fun.

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So quick question a toura with 4200 1500 is sufficient for mortem right?

Yep, technically, Mortem should not be able to do more than 4177 dmg… Sure enough, healing after being hit is a must…

Well the hp is fine but is the damage enough?

lux is a group healer

Sure enough, another 100dmg would be better, but I would take this Tuo on any raids. Keep in mind that it also depends on the other dinos in the raid… Beefier dinos need less heal and I’m pretty sure Tuo will survive on it’s own…

Ok thanks I was debating between leveling Indo g2 as a raid dino or toura but I will do toura now

DEFINITIVELY… IndoG2 is only good with another dino that remove Mutual Fury, like Dilo which limit the number of raid it can do, so as such, it’s only useful in a handful of raids, while Tuo is a must in pretty much 95% of the raids, doesn’t matter which ones…

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