All Classes Team - What's Your Best?

If we were forced to have an all class team for the PvP arena, what would your best creatures be?

These would be the classes and rules:

  1. 1 Pure Fierce
  2. 1 Pure Resilient
  3. 1 Pure Cunning
  4. 1 Wildcard
  5. 1 Cunning-Fierce
  6. 1 Cunning-Resilient
  7. 1 Fierce-Resilient
  8. 1 Creature of your choice

This would be my team that I think would do well and pretty balanced:

This would be a great idea for the weekend tournaments.


Would be a nice idea on paper. But in reality it would just mean that everybody would run the exact same team. Therefore not a good idea for a tournament… We already have this in in the arena.
Nobody would actually choose a pure fierce when he also can have a mislabeled fierce who can distract 100% for two turns. And nobody would choose a pure cunning when he can have a mislabeled cunning with DoT.


I’d be running this team. Other than Spinocon and Draco, it’s my regular arena team. Spinocon could be swapped for Phorurex while Dracoceratosaurus could be swapped for Erlidominus.

That’s a good team for the most part, I would just switch arctalces with stigydaryx

I’d run this team. Other than enteloceros it’s my normal arena team. Albertocevia takes its place normally

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This is what I’ve got. Tryko is the only Fierce-Resilient I’ve got, since I don’t have the others.
Erlidominus and Dilocherius are the only Cunning uniques I’ve got too.

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