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All Creatures Sizes

Hi. Some of you may know that i did this thing a long time ago

yes i know, it looks kinda bad and its outdated.

So now ive decided to make an improved version of this with the latest creatures (non-hybrids only). The sizes are not 100% accurate, but they’re close.

1 square = 1 meter (3.28 feet)




Thanks, this might be useful for size references for a fan comic I might work on.
I assume Dracoceratops would be about the same size as Dracorex, Thor as big as Tarbo, and Utasino as big as an Utahraptor.


Megaloceros is huge!

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Well it ain’t called “mega”loceros for nothing


I originally thought that kaprosuchus was the smallest in the picture. Then I looked at the diplocalus.

The smallest is Dimorphodon which is on the shoulder of Dsungaripterus. It is so tiny! Though I’d like a pet red Diplocaulus.


Isn’t Kapro huge irl?

Kapro’s skull (all that was found of it) is half a meter long, so I think a full Kapro would probably be a bit smaller than an alligator. Seems like no one can be sure if it walked on dry land or in water.

I first came across Kapro in “When Crocs ate Dinosaurs”, where it absolutely wrecks a sauropod, so I’ve always assumed it was like 20 feet long or something :sweat_smile:.
At least now I know that the games aren’t wrong.

20 feet is pretty close, wiki says 19.7 ft Though the head sounds kind of tiny for something that long. If it is something that runs on land, it should be around alligator size or smaller. But if it’s just aquatic, the near 20 feet works for it.

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The smallest is actually darwinopterus. Dimorphodon should be a tiny bit bigger.

Either would probably be as good as a fancy parrot on a human’s shoulder lol.


can anyone do more of this

This is amazing! I forgot how big Edmontosaurus was lol. I think the hadrosaurs in general need scaled up a bit

Edmontosaurus grew to huge sizes iirc. With their size alone even rex(unlesss it was desperate) would think twice before attacking a large adult.

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