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All Dino’s are useless except tryko and Max

I have tried giving this update a chance. Most of my battles are with tryko s and Max which are he most op Dino’s out of the update. It’s sad when either one can eliminate your whole team. I use to run with indoraptor but now you can use decel with tryko and kill the next turn. This update is terrible. I dread completing the daily Battle incubator.


I feel you, honestly. My last match involved my opponent’s Tryko KOing my first two dinos and severely damaging my third. Brought out my Ardentis (right into the impact) and swept their entire team with it.


Nice. Fire with fire. I like it.

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Well Magna and Max are still immune to deceleration. Tenon can reduce speed and is faster than Tryko. Both can be bled. Tryko can be stunned. Yes now they can’t be beat by epic dinosaurs but a lot of other dinosaurs are useable.


My 700 hp Magna got off its Rampage, then Rixis got the KO :ok_hand:t2:
Megalosuchus is pretty good against Tryko and Max as well.


You brought up epic Dino’s. Not even Other uniques can touch them. I know they both bleed. The issue is if you were to switch to a bleeder it will get KOed. You can stun that will save you for one additional turn.

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So don’t switch to a bleeder. Lose the first dino most bleeders are faster and beat it with the second dino.

It wouldn’t be so bad if instant invincibility didn’t last so long


Either way what bleeder is withstanding a boosted tryko? I have tried that as well

Bottom line tryko and max are the best since the new update

Yep bit of a shame not even a week in to update and already know I will be seeing massively boosted ardents nearly every battle…

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Thank you Ludia, very cool!


Dio is pretty good as well


Wrong, lots of dinos are viable, your just not looking hard enough

There aren’t lots viable against Ardent

Correction. Lots of dinos were made useless because of Resilient Strike


I agree with u. All of maximas counters were eliminated when resignation strike came. Indo, Indo g2, Indom, Indom g2 which by the way mutual fury is insane in raids


I just found out that takes 16 levels of health boost to reach 5 digits health lol

I get where you’re going with the overpowered tryko and the tyrant of tyrants we call ardent but you have to be stretching so far that you can touch your toes to say that all the others are useless

Thylacotator stomps both 1v1.