All Dinodex Versions?

do someone have a kind of “history version” of dinodex?

i mean… jwa toolbox and jwa field guide always show current meta dinodex.

some times i’d like to remember when gemini titan arrived, what was thor stats when released, what abilities procerathomimus has at 1.8 update and so…

looking for release notes takes too long and doesn’t show exact stats.

well, it’s mostly about curiosity, but there is some place to find such info?



I was wondering about this too, so I ended up painstakingly using patch notes, forum posts, the 1.13 Gamepress dinodex, wiki page edit history, and old YouTube videos to reconstruct all the past changes to the best of my ability. I have all this information on a personal Google doc, but it should have been/should be something that more “official” sources should have been keeping track of this whole time.

To answer your questions:

Geminititan released in 1.7

Thors stats on release were 4200 HP, 1640 attack, 109 speed, and 40 crit

Procerathomimus’s 1.8 abilities were Nullifying Strike, Distracting Rampage, Instant Distraction, Evasive Stance, and Swap-in Nullification

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i would love to have such data, it sounds interesting to have a system like field guide or toolbox and maybe select jwa version and shows all related to that point.

maybe see how monostegotops or magnapyritor changed over time lol.


remembering how was the game at 1.5 or 1.6 for example… before boost craziness.

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Yeah I have all of that. Its a spreadsheet where each tab shows all the information (columns) for every creature (rows) for a particular version. So you can look at what a particular version looked like overall, or track a dino over time. A lot of the earlier updates (especially pre-1.2) have a lot of speculation, but I think it’s mostly accurate. The one thing is that while I have the names of the moves each dino had, I don’t show what each move does or how their attributes changed over time (that would be even more difficult to track through the updates).

I would be more than happy to share the data, but I’m not sure exactly how. Maybe I could email a copy of the excel file? I just don’t want to share my personal email over a forum thread :sweat_smile:

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My Field guide is still pre-raid.