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All dinos should wander

So as the bosses “wander” around on the map, so too should everything else. It would be a super easy fix for “stuck inside a sanctuary/tower” and “just outside my range” issues that still occur within the game.


Hmm, I think that some should wander while some should stay in place as they do now. In a 50/50 ratio.

But if they just go around in circles, they’d eventually come into range in case they go out of range. Unless it would be to avoid lag and such.

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To be clear, I’m not saying they should wander all over the map - just in a circle as the bosses do now.


Forget what I said, I have an idea. What about introducing lifespan phases? Something like:

  1. Phase one. Dino spawns and start wandering around like a boss
  2. Phase two. Dino ultimately becomes “tired”, stops wandering and starts standing in one place.
  3. Phase three. Dino finally disappears.

If a dino’s in phase two, it would be a sign that he’s going to despawn soon, unless darted. What do you think?


This is perfect. We needed a lifespan indicator for ages.

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I like it; it would let you know if you need to RUN to go dart the thing before it disappears on you!

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I agree. But it would also be helpful if we just had a timer whenever you click on the dino counting down, just like strike events count down.

This is amazing.
It’s been an issue for SO long, people coming on here saying “I was about to get to X and it despawned.”
It’s probably happened to everyone playing the game.
Lifespan would help immensely.