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All Dragons Spreadsheet


Last update: 12.02.2019
Dragon species added.

All Dragons Spreadsheet
Let me know if you find any mistakes.
If you find new hybrids, you can send me a screen with details about the dragon.

Gameplay Guide

Something I find really annoying is that the way the Roster is now sorted is the team then the colour?

I liked it better when I could see all my colours together. Now when I sort by colour it goes by my team first, then the colour. I find that really annoying and not organized well.

I also noticed it does this when I try to sort by power as well, team first then power, which oddly pushes my Highest powered dragon to the very last dragon, even though it’s the first one on my main team?

is this maybe a glitch?


In similar productions sorting works exactly the same, first team then, e.g. color.
As for moving the strongest dragon at the end, I did not notice it in my Roster.


Yeah I get that, but during the early release it would be by colour weather they were on your team or not.

So when you sorted by colour you actually got all your reds together, then all blues, etc.

Not team then colour. For someone who can be OCD over those things, tream then colour is a little frustrating.


i have the same frustrations. i sent them a message about this and they never replied but i hope they fix it soon.


also this is obviously missing hybrids… i have access to the full info and stats on about 4-5 (*3-4 still missing as i dont have the dragons to breed for them)


The sort by power seems to have been fixed! I was looking at it today and when sorted by power it went highest to lowest.

Not sure about colour yet, didn’t notice any change to that, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds it annoying.


Frigid Galeslash is green.
There is a spelling mistake for The Cryptic Collector and Sky-Pirate.
The list is missing Cobsekeep, Foehammer and Gasleak, all are hybrids.


I’m pretty sure Frigid Galeslash is blue but I’ll check when the breeding ends.
Spelling mistakes have been corrected, thanks.
If you have data about these missing hybrids, can you send me screenshots with details?


Yea sorry I’m the one who made an error :joy: The Galeslash is blue. I can’t get Cobsekeep yet, but I have the two others: