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The Wiki exists.

Could you maybe just incorporate Szaddaj’s spreadsheet into a single page on wiki? At its current state, it’s… a mess, to put it lightly. The spreadsheet allowed easy access to the entire roster in one tab, no categories, no descriptions, no huge pointless “stats at each of 100-250 levels” that occupy 80% of the page.

I’m guessing you haven’t seen the Dragon Statistics page then…

I have, and I still have nightmares. I mean, there is a way to sort them, but only one parameter at a time, and they do not show the description of abilities.

Care to expand? I don’t see a many, if any negatives. It has all the important information, in alphabetical order by dragon name, and all the data is sortable. Sure, it doesn’t have abilities or possible breeding partners, but that’s what the embedded links are for. As for the abilities, we’re working on something that should help with team building.

Well, look, I don’t know how to say it without sounding even more obnoxious than usual, but you probably have seen Szaddaj’s spreadsheet and you can see how a sorted, color-coded list with all the abilities and even images - is just… “more accessible” and “comprehensive” than a blank list of letters and digits with “embedded links”.

I haven’t worked with documents much, but I can try to keep updating a copy of Szaddaj’s list, and perhaps if there was just a way to link or embed it on wiki - that would be a start. Unless you can truly HTML something even more accessible, but I’m no web designer.

TBH, the reason I wrote the Dragon Statistics page was because I was so annoyed by that spreadsheet. Sure it looks pretty. It has limited functionality. The job of a table is to be functional, not to look pretty and wow the masses with pretty colours. There are spelling errors, missing information, incorrect information, an illogical order and worst of all, it is not sortable.

No offence to Szaddaj, they did an alright job, and it was a big job for sure. But it’s now outdated. For starters, the information on the Wiki is updated by two of us, and between being mods of the Discord server, covering all 24 hours due to time-zones, and checking all edits made to the wiki, things get updated a lot faster. I also use the game files for everything except actual numbers, which ensure accurate and complete data.

The accessibility you mentioned is purely appearance IMO. Comprehensive? It just has ability effects, spirit speed and breeding partners by species. I feel this simple analogy should convey my point of view succinctly. The spreadsheet is like a randomly ordered index of a physical encyclopaedia which is missing everything else. The wiki is like an online database which has an index in alphabetical order, as per convention, and has the main content as well.

As a final note, a reminder that this is a public resource maintained by members of the community, not unlike the spreadsheet. If you’re unhappy with it, you’re free to make one of your own. However, yours has been the only negative response to the Wiki’s resources, and I can only assume that means the majority of the community, or at least he majority of the users are happy with it the way it currently is. We have received specific constructive feedback and suggestions, which we have implemented/are in the process of implementing. You’re more than welcome to add to that by adding edits and making specific suggestions that are within the realm of possibility on Fandom.

Well, you are also the only one who had “that” kind of opinion about Szaddaj’s spreadsheet, so… even stevens?

Personally, I think Szaddaj’s roster is a great starting point that can evolve, I’ve requested permission to edit, but perhaps even if I don’t get it - I might simply redo it myself, full credits given. Call me vain, but it should’ve been obvious from my time on Discord that I had an “opinion” about every dragon, and between the Discord and my Guide - I couldn’t quite settle on one place to express it. And, for what it’s worth, most of the time people either agreed or found it useful. As much as I thought about contributing - I … never bothered with wikies, at least not beyond the comment section, which seems to be missing, so I thought that whatever my input could be - it’s not on wiki.

However, wiki is indeed the future and the place for data. I do not deny that between walls of text on obscure forums, custom spreadsheets and a networked website - your venture is indeed the most lasting and effective. And, indeed, there are ways to sort the roster that aren’t available in the spreadsheet(and the spreadsheet is a simple 1-star to 5-star, not that hard to get lost there), so this is why, hopefully eventually, your wiki will be the final evolution of this spreadsheet, with whomever’s help.

I never said anything about your guide or your opinions on the dragons themselves. While I personally did not and do not use it, I know others do find it useful. As for not contributing to wikis, that’s entirely on you. There is a comments section on almost every page. There is also the blog section. If you wanted a place to display your guide, or weren’t sure about a feature on the wiki, all you needed to do was ask. ( :

As for the Wiki being the future, you can just read my PM reply ( :