All emotes should be achieved through difficult challenges

We all want to enjoy the content that is coming out lately, it would be fair to get the emotes in 2 ways, either by buying it from the store or by doing difficult challenges.emotes


There are some you get from constantly doing raids. others you get from trial towers (which can be difficult)

I agree, so we can all have the possibility of getting the emotes, and being in difficult challenges people who have spent a long time will only be able to get them, to make it fair I think

But I also want to get the emotes from the store, why not overcome difficult challenges to find out if we are worthy of obtaining them?

In addition, the T-rex is something representative of the jurassic park and jurassic world saga, and it would be good if everyone can enjoy the emote, not just people with money who want to spend it on the game

For T-rex emotes
I think a challenge to get it
Dart 100,000 Tyrannosaurus Rex gen2 DNA

Iā€™m agree too, all of us are passing throught a very difficult year and to be honest idk how or why I can still playing JWA, so It will be very good and suportive if Ludia could help us with this feature.