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All events/spots for utinarex are gone before time ends


There is still 30 mins left untill weekly dino event is over, I just got back from work and like always I wanted to shoot my Sunday dinos… I open the map and evythig is already gone, all events, all green supply drops,… there goes my one and only chance at the utinarex… anyone else has this problem??


They usually disappear in the last hour


I dont know why but is serms the cycle has changed to one hour earlier. The utarinex and the steike towers of sunday also appeared a hour earlier then normal and therefore propably also disappeared one hour earlier then normal. Dont know why though.


How so? They never did that, been playing since may 2017 and they always ended right on 3 pm here in East EU. There are still 30 mins left, I even still get the pop up screen from the weekly event when I login … but evything is already gone on the map…


Well thanks a lot Ludia for telling us… man this company is worthless when it comes to communication… bye bye Utinarex…


Daylight Saving Time. That is not Ludias fault. It is different for Europe and USA, and in USA it took effect between saturday-sunday.

That Means that until it takes effect in your country, Strike Towers/Events will start at 3PM, and end at 2PM.

Sorry to say, but that is completely your own fault :slight_smile:


Yep - good old Daylight Saving Time; Utarinex appeared an hour earlier as well yesterday.


Well, don’t wait until the last moment to dart it.


How is it not Ludia’s fault if they decided to disrupt their otherwise constant cycle (23 hours of green drops - 1 hour of no green drops - 23 - 1 - 23 - 1 - …) based on an arbitrary country’s preference to change their clocks?

I guess we have to be thankful Ludia isn’t from a weird time zone offset by 45 minutes (those really exist!).


For the simple fact it’s a Canadian company, actually. They go by their country’s rules, not yours. Sorry if this a bit condescending or anything, it’s not meant to be, just stating the facts.

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Arbitrary country? It’s the country they are sitting in. Their servers run on that time. They’d have to manually adjust that to fit YOUR arbitrary time zone. Do you propose every company should follow UTC?


Yeah, I never said anything about going by my country’s rules. They could have kept the 23-1 cycle intact or they could have released a short message explaining they have DST and how it will be dealt with.

@Planck Yes, you read that right. For most of the world it’s an arbitrary country. A company with the least bit of respect for their players would acknowledge not everyone is aware of their country’s rules. I’d guess most don’t even know where Ludia is based.

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They could’ve atleast give a heads up? How do I know when DST starts in USA/Canada? It’s not for another 2 weeks here in my country…


The heads-up they gave was the countdown timer.

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Ok, seriously? As someone who LIVES in the USA, that’s extremely insulting. How would you feel if I called your country arbitrary?


That’s an invalid argument. If I’m used to the schedule Ludia has been using for almost a year now, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be counting on that. Atleast they could’ve warned us or messaged the players in game with info on DST… Not everyone is aware when/how DST works in America…

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I’m on your side with the time-stuff, but this is not about nationalism. Every country is arbitrary.


I’m not trying to make it about nationalism, just saying that it was completely uncalled for.


What does USA have to do anything with this conversation, lol?

I am a grownup and aware 98% of the world doesn’t live in my country, so I wouldn’t feel any different whatsoever because of the fact that for them it’s just like any other NOT THEIR country.