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All hybrids revealed?


Just wondering wut u folks think, but do u all think the 7 (6 hybrids + the stegasaur Dino used for koola hybrid) that were released for the next patch are the only hybrids/dinos that will be added? Clearly there will be new Dino’s that haven’t been in the spotlight of the reveals like the one used to make the koola hybrid, but do u guys think that means more?


I hope not. At least it is a game based on dinosaurs so there should be some new “normal” creatures in it


Yeah I agree that there will prob be more regular non hybrid Dinos


I’m hoping we will get more. We got 3 uniques in 1.5. I doubt they will regress. I’m hoping two additional uniques and maybe some new creatures added as well. Gotta set up for 1.7. So now would be the time to add new dinos


If they keep the 11 creatures per update trend we should get 4 more regular creatures.


Yeah it would be nice to get a unique that doesn’t have Darwin as an ingredient


Don’t get me wrong I’m excited for the two already revealed uniques but I don’t think anybody will be getting them easily for awhile


I agree. This is definitely gonna be slow rolling to create and lvl. Hopefully have something else to work on in the meantime

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I do keep saying the game needs more dinosaurs and less hybrids. I’m hoping we’ll get some new ones this time around.


I wouldve preferred much less hybrids but with a better design (like indoraptor or indominus), to make them feel special and unique.
At this point the game is flooded with hybrids and many of them look really similar to their “parents” (tyrannolopho, a trex with a frill lol) making them less special, while making regular creatures useless.


At this point i prefer they continue with more hybrids than regular creatures though, because making regular creatures to hybrid levels would require a complete rebalancement of the arena and the economy, too much work imo.
And i still want a concavenator, carno and tany hybrid.

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I hope they add more rare hybrids that could be viable. Probably just me though.


Just let them give us a secodonto/alankylo hynrid that is an immune true tank as a suprise. The game needs an immune tank urgently


I like rare hybrids too, my fav is suchotator who’s on my team. The only downside is all the tapping for fusing…


Suchotator is amazing. Mines is also on my team, level 18 currently. I named mines Tate :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m expecting Pachy, but no more hybrids


Pocemon kinda leaked it in his last livestream, he said that he can guarantee there will be more than 1 new dino. Isn’t saying much tho lol.


I’d love new dinos but please don’t forget about the many epic/rare dinos. Especially the ones that have been in the game for a long time.


I would like to see Oviraptor as a common/ rare dino.


More dinos should equal more DNA awarded and hope for end game hybrids not just more to collect and spend coins on. Sorry the freezing temps here are affecting my good mood.