All I ask is that you remove the flocks from the tournaments

Which is why it sucks that flocks have a lot of survival time and not the few ferocious legendary and epic creatures that have attacks that can take you down. And the truth is that I get bored doing tournaments, I don’t see it as fun, constantly fighting with 10 players and having a whole flock on their team is very boring, a solution to put a limit on the creature of flocks or modify the attack on some legendary creatures, putting resistance to damage reduction or that they have group attacks already that last have damage reduction and dodge is already very abusive and disgusting.
2 if they want to continue with their scum of flocks, put a time limit on the combat for the tournament battles, which becomes very boring, exchanging flocks and healing, dodging becomes eternal, I am here to have fun, not so that the rival is immortal with 4 flocks of his team


Now that we have resilient flocks and fierce flocks, you can literally have a team of flocks able to deal with almost anything. It’s ridiculous


send me your team against flocks in this tournament and let’s see how many attacks your team has against flocks

want to see something ridiculous? this is ridiculous and the worst thing is that you defend it that there are creatures that can against this flock

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My dude, I was agreeing with the topic… What I said is that flocks teams can have a variety of classes so they can deal with anything, cause they cannot be countered… Pay attention


I’d like to see a rebalancing for flocks in general. Having a health bar cut in three, evasion, distraction, and self-healing in one package is rather absurd. It gets even crazier when that self-healing is done simultaneously with, say, a rampage.


These flock driven tournaments are mind numbing. Same creatures over and over! Ten takedowns dine and I’m out!


Highly agree with this. Tarbognathus is just the absolute worst to deal with.