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All I want for Christmas is a Boost Reset

There are a few things Ludia could do to make the player base feel less aggrieved, but I’d be willing to bet a boost reset would be the biggest gesture to show that they still care. All that time and money players have tied up in boosts that are stuck on now-useless dinos (especially since the ridiculous resilent nerf) is currently being held hostage by their refusal to address this issue. How about throwing us a bone?


a recent datamine has uncovered some community requested changes to boosts. i’m willing to wait to see how they are implemented.


I’ll believe it when I see it.

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check out gamepress’s 2.12 datamine.


I’m sure when the boost tokens are introduced they will be fair and affordable for all players making it an enjoyable experience


Plot twist : you need to pay $$ to get the boost reshuffle token


That’s pretty much what I’m expecting.

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Hopefully ludia will give free tokens every update

Oh i dont doubt. But as long as ludia dosent out price the average player with HC I think it will be relatively ok. I know they can’t make them free, but they should be fairly priced otherwise we are back to a similar issue with boosts now.

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The idea is quite funny though, you have to pay to get boosts faster and you have either to pay a tax or pay again to dispose of what you already bought…


That’s how capitalism works lol

Let’s wait and see how it all works out but i think they will cost the same as boost do. At least we seem to get a boost reset finally

Sone leaked from gamepress shown that not only we won’t get the boost reset, BUT LUDIA TRY TO MAKE BENEFIT FROM NEW SYSTEM THAT HAVE TO USE TOKEN FOR RESET OR SHUFFLING THE BOOST


Not sure if you have read the recent gamepress data mine but they found a thing called boost tokens in the games code

Yeah… but what good is it if we have to pay?

We don’t know if we have to pay for it. I think we can get them like boosts so not only store but also daily incubators, weekly events etc

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Don’t expect too high with Ludia , they will always have a new way to milk this poor community


I’m eagerly awaiting the new year when hopefully they’ll reveal their plans. If they make people pay to reset the boosts that Ludia themselves rendered useless, there could be mass defections. And even if there isn’t, they’ll have ruined any goodwill they might have hoped to gain with the new “communication” initiative.

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Im excited toe what ludia’s plans will be with the boost token. Hopefully this will lead to a possible update. I would love to see release notes this friday with an update on January 4th but that does not seem very likley.

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