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All I want for Christmas is a Boost Reset

You are daydreaming if you think they will push a release the week between Christmas and New Year.

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I know but there is still a slight possibility but we probably will not see the next update until sometime after New Year

Everything is possible but the likelihood is small.

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Now that the New Year is here, I hope we get some clarity on the issue soon. :expressionless:

Well your out of luck on that one I’m afraid, according to the recent data mine post it wont be a boost reshuffle it will be a boost token replacement ( say hello to possibly getting back only 50% of what you paid out getting your current boosts yet again ).
A boost reshuffle is something players have been requesting for nearly a year now but it has so far been all but ignored in the rush to introduce new creatures into the game along with a slew ( heap ) of other new ideas / concepts instead of giving players what they have been patiently / requesting / waiting for for nearly a year now !.

As you stated ** all I want for Christmas is a boost reshuffle / reset ** but can you in all honesty see that happening any time soon.?.

A lot of the player base has all but given up on ever seeing a boost reset any time soon and unfortunately this is one of the major reasons a good chunk / proportion of the the top most players of JWA have quit the game and deleted it entirely from their devices because they like the rest of us have grown tired of waiting and have moved on to other games that do give decent feedback to the player base in general and in some cases have implemented some of the requests that players have asked for.

Gaming companies that have listened to the players of games they have introduced have flourished and now we are seeing these game rise in popularity by 40% to as much as 60% over the last year or so while other games are in a declining phase slowly but surely working their way in a downward spiral to the point they are no longer a viable prospect / worth salvaging / maintaining beyond a certain point.
If they reach that shallow point of no return they tend to vanish rather quickly from sight or mind when they could have risen to immeasurable heights amongst the top ranking games being played today if gaming companies had only listened to the players of their game long before it reached the tipping point of no return ! :roll_eyes: :woozy_face: :roll_eyes:


Proving once again that there is no Santa Claus.

It’s nice to know Ludia is going to set up a system for boost resets. And of course people will have to pay for it - that is the Ludia way now. Now watch how quickly they introduce meta breaking creatures from here on out.


I won’t mind if they make us pay with the dino cash, but if it can only be purchased with real-world money, that would be lower than the Mariana Trench.


I’m sure that will be an option, and it’s not a good thing. I guess we wait and see.

I thought we were going to have boost reshuffle…i really need it… it’s been almost 2 years now.

May 2021 is not almost 2 years.
But, with all the changes made since then, we really deserve it. In fact, we deserved it just two updates later, when resilients got a rework.
I haven’t bought a single boost since then. I don’t feel secure, when all spent cash can become useless just like that, with no compensation.


Two years ago or not, a reset is loooooong overdue.

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When there is a boost reset there are a number of people that will move all there boost to the there new apex’s and the new Unique to the highest levels. I will be one of them, or I may take all of them off. Save them for 5 month, when new set come into the game. then use them later. No matter what players do you will get all the complainers about the battels they cannot win and how hard it is


Was expecting one every 3-6-9 months in the worst case at least for NewYear, making some dinos bad and some great every update ( which is fine ) but a free boost shuffle is not at all a bad thing. Meta evolves every few updates or so, this seems like a logical thing to do.

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Continuing to ignore the player base’s continual request for a boost reset is getting tiresome. They are risking losing a lot of loyal players like myself the longer they hold out

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I guess we are all waiting for Ludia’s announcement on boost tokens.
My fear is that this will be their latest cash cow giving spenders an advantage while the F2P will be left behind!

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When the boost shuffle event will come

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That’s been their way for a looong time now. It’s a pay to win game.

hey Ludia,

how’s that boost reset going ??

it doesn’t have to be a total/global boost reset.

perhaps only:


how’s that minor favor for us players ?


So… January 17th and not a peep from Ludia yet regarding any plan or if there even is one.