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All I want For Christmas Is a Carnivore Hybrid… Maybe 2

The past few days leading up to Christmas, Troodon had finished some preparations. Well, early preparations that is. :christmas_tree:



A few days later…

It was Christmas and Troodon was coming to the end of his tournament run. Troodon could already smell anticipation in the air as he was taken to the Instant Creation Lab:


Troodon felt extreme pride as he looked on. His favorite dinosaur had arrrived, in all his cuteness. Taking him up for battle, he remembered Yutyrannus and Rexy Gen 2’s final battles just a few days before:

Now it was his time. And Troodon never failed to disappoint.

Troodon had to take just a few more selfies of him before he left the park. In the short time at his park, he absolutely loved Troodon and his power. However some good things must come to an end……for now…

And the mighty Indominus Rex Gen 2. One of his favorites was here at last.

Two carnivore hybrids for Christmas . What more ? It was definitely a good day towards the end of 2021.

But Troodon will make a comeback…someday…

Author’s Note
I want to say thank you to this entire forum for guiding me in the journey through JWTG. You guys are the best and I am sure glad to be a part of this community.
I remember looking at these creatures with longing to get them somehow. How here I am, almost 2 years of JWTG and Yudon is here. What next ? Indoraptor YOLO :eyes: :joy:

Thank you for reading and may Troodons be with you….

Oh wait Troodon has one more thing to say.



Thank you to all who helped me and my park this year:.









From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You guys helped me to do this.


Your welcome :hugs:


Awesome stuff! You made great progress.
Yudon is one of those milestone creatures! Beautiful one to look at. :heart_eyes:


I read the title and thought you were wishing for new carno hybrids lol.

Anyways, nice job


He sure is. He is technically a carnivore Tapelajocephalus at level 10.

Now to see if I get bored and make Indoraptor next year :joy:


You will! I waited way too long to make indoraptor. I got inspired by @Bobby_Farmer one glorious day and I ended up doing it. Indo is my most used creature. It’s really good for crushing all your events and then moving on with real life.


Maybe I’ll make Indo with a level 30 legendary hybrid team :eyes:

Only if I am truly bored. For now I don’t want my events to go YOLO


You got it! Level 30 indom, level 40 unay, level 40 suchorip, level 30 ostapo… Somewhere around there.


And level 40 Koolaid :pleading_face:


U mean super koolaid


I helped you by teasing troodon and making fun of him.:joy: troodon omelette! Right @shivam324235 and @Jurassic_Fury ?


Ah ah that did not help at all. :grimacing:

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@Trexy thank you for the acknowledgment. I’ve added a few…

And I am kind of liking the newest addition…


Good to see you here again! And my goodness…you took it to a next level! That’s wild.

All of mine are still chillin at level 1!


Thank you @Trexy, I have not posted a lot but have lurked through the boards on and off. Like you said, I have gotten a point to where I can crush all the events and not spend as much time in front of the screen. The cool downs can be tough, but with proper timing and instant cool downs I am able to navigate adequately. The higher level creatures are never used in tournaments, but are used in other events where my levels have made matches more difficult.