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All I want for Christmas!⛄⛄☃️

All I want for Christmas is my supply drop that I have had for 2 years and my sanctuary that was near me since the beginning. Come on Ludia let’s get into the Christmas spirit of giving!!!


Maybe they could do somthing like 12 days of trexmas, where each day you get a gift, and each gift gets better and better until the final gift


That would be interesting

I would like to see sanctuaries able to place from scent & interaction screen. This would clear the map of useless sanctuaries. Sanctuaries would act like scents in this way!:slight_smile:


Another interesting concept

Yes & i think security measures should be part of the change!! They could add a option to share with the public or just your alliance!!

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Possibly put a option for invite to friends or alliance members would also be awesome lol

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