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All in gamble: Dracorex gen 2


There were already many threads about Dracorex gen 2, which was blessed with DSR swap in move. After some encounters in last few days started to think, how usefull Dracorex gen 2 actually is.

So lets look closer:
Dracorex gen 2

  • Can win otherwise lost match (if you don’t have faster dino than opponent or you would need to tank a hit or two swapping).
  • Is better as other counter attackers, cause don’t need to absorb damage first.


  • Huge investment for leveling up.
  • Takes a place of otherwise better dino (playing with 3 dinos against 4).
  • Gives opponent free kill early or mid battle.
  • Will be nerfed with 1.6 update.
  • Is double rip off cause of coins needed to lvl up and future nerf.
  • Any counter attacker can effectively kill almost dead dino.

Actually, Dracorex gen 2 looks like as free win dino, but in most cases it’s not. From my experiences I lost only twice with Dracorex gen 2 cleaning up. Even then I was already both times in lost situation, that only good RNG and/or extreme luck would save me from losing.

For those who like to (ab)use Dracorex gen 2, I would suggest using it at battle end, when you can’t win or can’t be sure to tank a hit before finishing opponents almost dead dino.
Using Dracorex gen 2 early or mid battle, giving opponent free kill, can many times mean losing a match. If opponent isn’t “blessed” with glass cannon team and has one or two full health dinos is using Dracorex gen 2 almost a suicide mission.

I’ll rather stick using other gamble dinos (I-rex, Indo), that can actually make some damage too and aren’t one hit wonders.
Dracorex gen 2 is good only for cleanup job or surprise win when you seem to be in lost situation. Also it can be really helpful battling strike towers.


Based on so many cons as a single end use special card, they may not nerf it. Draco 2 is just another choice of special dino for our teams. If we have luck with them, we use them but if we find we are just not getting that final winning blow with them all that often, we can switch it out with another better dino.


The Dracorex G2 exploit will be nailed shut (unsurprisingly) with its OP SIA move causing a 2 turn lock down in the next patch. It will still be OK as a one hit wonder as there’s few ways it will last long enough to be swapped out/in for a second revenge kill. Like you say there are plenty more competative dinos and hybrids which you can use instead.

I wonder if it will also lose its ‘shattering’ attack and just be left with rampage.


That would be effective nerf to change DSR in APR or Rampage.

No matter how they’ll treat it, only those who rely on Dracorex gen 2 to win games for them, will be pissed off.


Uve never faced a level 30 one that has 3600+ health and can easily swap in do 2700+ damage, strike, and swap out and repeat. Far from a free kill. Unless u have a dino which is dishing 3600+ first turn damage. And u dont


If the 2 turn lock happens then its a one hit wonder. But as is its far from that currently


Maybe also reduce its health a little too?

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2 turn lock is fine. Thats an automatic kill


Hard to face lvl 30 Dracorex around 4500 trophies.
As far as I know other dinos has higher damages too at/around that lvl.

At any trophy range I still see it mostly as a cleanup dino at the end of battles.


Not hard to face level 30s where im at. 29 and 30 is all there are

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And no even at level 30 erldiom and utarinex with their first turn rampage cant one shot level 30 dracorex


Apparently as far as u know, doesnt go far, because without a lucky crit no dino in the game one shots a level 30 dracorex g2


That’s not true. Erlidom and Postosuchus can first turn one shot Draco Gen2 at equal levels.

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Nope draco g2 level 30 has 3647 health erldiom level 30 damage is 1823


U are right about postosuchus. Gotta give ya that one. But whos using posto at those high of levels lol


This is close and depends how it’s rounded.


All number are rounded to the nearest whole number in ludias formula


It equals 1,823.2593750042 using exact formula math. draco gen 2 is 3646.51875 which rounds to 3647


The best ways i have for dealing with d2 is to bring in t-rex and hope it crits, or bring in Dioraja and pin it. If they aren’t near max level, my t-rex will drop it because my impact attack will deal 3100+ without a crit.


That’s exactly why it’s not a “free kill”. The fact the only chance to get rid of it is to hope for a crit or pin it is exactly why it needs to be a 2 turns lock.
But it’s coming so I’m not worried about it :slightly_smiling_face: