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All in gamble: Dracorex gen 2

I’m at my highest with little over 4600 trophies, so I can’t have experiences with lvl 30 Dracorex gen 2. :grin:

Even in my range sometimes crit is needed to oneshot it. Still users od Dracorex gen 2 gamble, hoping that opponent doesn’t have in lineup dino that deals high damage and has high crit chances. Which result in free kill.

A lot depends on RNG choise of lineup for battle. If you have very fast dinos or tanks and at least one remaining dino at ful hp, then Dracorex gen 2 tactic most likely won’t be effective against you, even if you don’t kill it.

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Doesn’t Megalosuchus kill it in one turn with ferocious strike and counter-attack?

It’s true (at least at level 26).
But the problem I see is then you have a Dino that’s not very good at the moment in your line up just to counter it.
I think the best counter is tryko with a crit on his base attack (30%) because he takes less damage and you set up all your attacks for whatever comes next.

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Yep At even level it kills it with one extra hp :joy:

You totally hit the nail on the head @Imre!

I never played it in the arena, have no intention to… and my stash is just going to sit here.