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All Legendary's at Level 20

Another goal met getting all my legendary’s to team level 20. We happen to have an odd number of legendary’s… 41. Until we get more new creatures, I’ll be bringing some more of the better epics up.

I sometimes have a difficult time deciding which to make team with.

I wish we could have larger teams than just 8 creatures. I wish we could enlarge our teams with as many creatures we want to have a random pick from past 8. 8 would be the minimum team size.


That’s pretty good. Having more than 8 creatures on a team would allow for more variety and counters fro better creatures. It would also make players busier and not just have all maxed up teams, slowing down a players progress.

In your opinion, what team of all Legendaries would be the absolute worst? Like they couldn’t work as a team to save their lives

This was the team I think would not do well at the moment.
Worst Team

Compare this with my current anti-Indo rex-Indo G2-Procerat team.
My Team 20200604

I should play the bad team now that I hit another high trophy record with this nasty team.


I like that they all have horns too. I hope one day I can do the same with teams all the same level that I can swap out and in at any time.

You’re like a hero to me. Way to go!

Well done indeed!