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All level 21 Uniques?


So my son just hit level 14 and is in Sand Dunes and fights this team. Guy is Level 17, and has ALL perfectly level 21 uniques… I’m sure it’s possible, but highly improbable…

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They just live is zone 5

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Zone 5 has it easy.
Im just impressed they unlocked them all without lvling one to LVL 22 inbetween the time it would take to get all that repeat dna. Super impressive!

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Good lord someone has a serious case of OCD.
It’s gunna be hell when one of them turns 22 and the others haven’t gotten there yet .


Where’s zone 5 ??


Zone 5 is where cheaters live


I thought it’s a real place somewhere like ludia headquarters lol


Sorry I was just joking


BTW if OP meant how he have all level 21 Uniques then for @Christopher’s information unique when created starts with level 21.

So he just created those uniques (might be as a collection) but never bothered the level them.


I know what level they start at. I’m saying, it’s crap and he didn’t legitimately get them…

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Logic dictates having them all equal is highly improbable.

As for the L5 players:

“… You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. This is not logical, but it is often true.”


buy your son a screen protector.


Dinos are free to ‘make’, but cost a lot to level. Maybe this guy managed to fuse and make them for cheap but has no coins to level any of them up at the moment.

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Nah I don’t buy it, I have some uniques at 27 and some at non existent. No way you can get 8 uniques without levelling a single one


It’s in an OtterBox. Phone was stolen at Walmart last month and when I locked it they took old OtterBox, smashed it, and threw it in a dumpster.


A collection of 6 tyrant class uniques? All at 21… i dont buy the coin costs issue as well… leveling that many components up at roughly the same time is just as much of a coin investment. Normal gameplay would lend itself to having varying levels. That kind of balanced dna gains is only done through sniping.

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I have six uniques, and only one higher than 21…cuz golly gee whiz that took forever. :smiley:


@Kristi … I’ve seen your posts on the forum for a while, and you’ve got some great things to say…
but you have set a new bar just now :grin:

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rofl…I hope it’s a good bar lol

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see? thats why i shop at target.

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